Monday, May 20, 2013

^ Beautiful Stranger Discount

Hello, Max Stella! You're HOT!!
I pretty much dropped everything to devour this story immediately. And that's exactly what happened.. I not only ate up every word, but licked the bowl too.

For those of you joining us from 'Beautiful Bastard', please note that this novel is NOT fanfiction derived in any way shape or form. While I enjoyed reading BB, I was looking forward to 'Beautiful Stranger' the most because it was original and gave me an insight to how Christina and Lauren wrote.

'Beautiful Stranger' follows the story of Sara, Chloe's friend who leaves Chicago behind for a new life in NYC. Upon her first days, she meets the intriguing Max Stella in a club and thus begins their hotter than hot rendezvous. Sara is a strong female character that is trying to mend her broken heart after her douche of an ex fiance slept around with the Chicago female population. Max is no stranger to Page Six, with being rumored to encompass the role of a playboy with NYC socialites and celebrities. The chemistry...

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Beautiful Stranger

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