Monday, May 6, 2013

^ Torn (Volume 1) Sale

Drake, Drake, Drake
The story begins off w./ Chloe starting college with her best friends Amber and Logan. While at college, Chloe meets tattooed singer Drake. While Chloe and Drake's friendship and feelings grow, her childhood friend, Logan confesses his own feelings for her. She feels torn between the two men. Drake, whom she feels an instant connection to and Logan, who has always been her champion. When she's ready to make a decision, Drake makes it for her and tells her she's better off w./ Logan. She decides to give Logan a chance and from there things begin to spiral out of control for Chloe. The intense feelings between her Drake can't be helped no matter how much they try.

If you're a fan of love triangles, college romances, musicians, and hot sex- then this is not one to miss! Looking forward to book 2. 4.5 solid stars!

P.S. I would like to thank the author for giving Drake a penis piercing ;) It'll work w./ me everytime!

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Torn (Volume 1)

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