Wednesday, May 8, 2013

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Wanted more for Connor
I've been looking forward to Connor's story for a long time. Maybe that's why I feel a little let down. I wanted to love his story. I love Maya Banks and this whole Sweet series. I have every book on my keeper shelf. And I will put this one there as well, with the whole series, but it will not be one I reach to re-read again.

This story is more sweet and just a little sexy, not scorching hot like the other ones in the series. And if you've read Damon and Micah, you know exactly what I mean. And even Nathan. Personally, I didn't feel a lot of chemistry between Connor and Lyric. Connor is more vanilla, and not that there's anything wrong with that. But as compared to the others in the series, the story just didn't grab me or excite me. Even if he's not going to be into the things his friends are, I still needed him to be sexier, hotter, the way I know MB can write a hero. I wasn't expecting Connor to be over the top like the previous heroes, but I did expect his story to be...

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